• Brow Set

    Gel-Formel, Glänzendes Finish, Kein Abblättern

    8 g - €4125.00 / 1000g
  • Eye Shadow

    Über 100 Farbnuancen, Professionell, Kultig

    Farbton: Grain


    1.5 g / 0.05 oz

    1.5 g / 0.05 oz - €16666.67 / 1000g

STEP 1: Beginning at the front of the brow, gently apply Coquette Big Brow Pencil using short, quick strokes in the direction of hair growth.

STEP 2: To shape and set, comb Clear Brow Set through brows.

STEP 3: With the 239 Brush, sweep Grain Eye Shadow across the lid and under the lower lash line.

STEP 4: Rim the waterline with Nothing On Modern Twist Kajal Liner to brighten eyes. Complete the look with one coat of False Lashes.

STEP 5: Create countless Eye Shadow looks with the Eyes x 9: Amber Times Nine palette.

Brow Videos by Damone Roberts